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Final 2008 Coastal Long-Range Development Plan

What is the Coastal Long-Range Development Plan?

This Coastal Long-Range Development Plan (CLRDP) is a comprehensive physical development and land use plan that governs development, land use, and resource protection at the UC Santa Cruz Marine Science Campus, including Younger Lagoon Reserve (YLR). The adoption of this plan by the University of California and subsequent certification by the California Coastal Commission results in the delegation to the University of California of the authority to authorize most on-Campus development consistent with the plan without a coastal development permit, subject to Commission oversight.

This plan does not directly govern the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries facility, a federal establishment on 2.5 acres of federal land near the center of the Marine Science Campus. The Plan also does not directly govern areas where the Coastal Commission retains direct coastal permit and other development review authority, such as on public tidelands.

Why was the 2008 CLRDP revised in October 2013 and in January 2017?

As UC Santa Cruz began initial development under the 2008 CLRDP, minor inconsistencies among certain provisions were identified.  Using formal established procedures involving The Regents and the Coastal Commission, the CLRDP was revised in October 2013 to comply with its requirements; to conform the CLRDP with planning refinements since the CLRDP approval in 2008; to provide internal consistency after minor language changes in the CLRDP made late in the approval process; and to amend existing implementation measures to facilitate implementation of certain CLRDP goals. Minor amendments were also made to the CLRDP in January 2017 to reflect slight changes to the delineation of the boundary of one of the wetlands (W5), and to revise the language regarding changes in the types of fencing allowed on the Campus that were approved in 2013.

Read the 2008 CLRDP (revised January 2017)

For your convenience, the final version of the 2008 CLRDP (as revised in January 2017) is available as a single print-ready PDF file.

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