The 2021 UC Santa Cruz Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) envisions a holistic framework to guide future physical planning on the campus. The plan integrates our academic mission with environmental stewardship and sustainable growth strategies to guide campus evolution and integrity, and strive to be a valuable community partner.

Creating an LRDP takes time and collaboration—vital components for a healthy process to which UC Santa Cruz is committed. Students, faculty, staff and community members have been integral partners in this process to shape the 2021 plan. To learn about opportunities for particpation throughout the process, refer to the schedule.

The recent challenges faced by the campus community have made planning for climate change a priority. Ensuring the welfare of students, continuity of infrastructure and long-term sustainability of buildings requires a renewed commitment to our physical planning to ensure a resilient campus environment for the next 20 years and beyond.

Planning within the spectacular natural environment of the UC Santa Cruz campus carries a unique responsibility with many opportunities, but is not easy. The challenge is to balance the requirements of a growing academic institution with the preservation of its redwood forests, sweeping meadows and expansive views, deep ravines and wildlife habitats, and sensitive vegetation. The 2021 LRDP establishes a comprehensive plan to steer the campus as a resource for the greater community in order to affirm our collective campus values.