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Long Range Development Plan

The UC Santa Cruz 2021 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) envisions a comprehensive framework to guide future physical planning on the campus. The LRDP integrates UC Santa Cruz’s academic mission with environmental stewardship and sustainable growth strategies to guide campus evolution and integrity. UCSC strives to be a valuable community partner and is committed to mutually advantageous planning.

The 2021 LRDP replaces the previous long range development plan. This LRDP addresses academic and administrative space needs, housing, open space, circulation, parking, infrastructure, and other land uses that ultimately facilitate the appropriate siting of capital projects. In addition to describing land use designations, it also includes an integrated transportation strategy and a utilities and infrastructure framework.

The LRDP is organized to orient the reader first to background information about the campus, starting with campus planning history and site context, which includes environmental conditions and existing development. This information is then used to establish the basis for planning, which describes key planning considerations, plan objectives, population projections and a building program, as well as key strategies to accommodate growth.

The LRDP balances development to support the academic mission with our commitment to environmental stewardship, to chart an innovative and resilient course for our campus.

2021 Long Range Development Plan

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  • 4.0 Long Range Development Plan (Web , Print)
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Timeline of the LRDP process, updated September 2021

Who is Involved?

UC Santa Cruz is bringing a diverse range of people to the table. Creating a thoughtful plan requires broad input with insight into the issues and the opportunities.

Read more about the participation process here.

Long Range Development Planning (LRDP) committee

The planning committee provided critical feedback and engagement during the planning process. They steered the work and ensured that the plan responds to the academic framework.

The list below represents everyone who participated at some point on the LRDP Planning Committee over the three year process.

  • Co-Chair & Vice Chancellor - Business & Administrative Services (BAS) - Sarah Latham
  • Co-Chair, Professor of Literature, & Vice Chair of the Academic Senate - Kimberly Lau
  • Vice Chancellor - University Relations - Keith Brandt, Jeff Shilling
  • Committee Planning and Budget Appointed Representative - George Brown
  • Community Member - Ceil Cirillo
  • Community Member - Don Lane
  • Amah Mutsun Student Representative - Julisa Lopez
  • Student Union Assembly Appointed Representatives - Ami Gonzales, Maxine Jimenez
  • Graduate Student Assembly - Appointed Representative - Adrienne Ricker
  • Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies - Tyrus Miller, Quentin Williams
  • Interim Dean of Students Representative - Lucy Rojas
  • Assistant Vice Provost for the Division of Student Affairs and Success - Gwynne Benner
  • Director, Student Success Initiatives and Communications Representative - Denise Onitsuka
  • University Librarian - Elizabeth Cowell
  • Alumni Association Appointed Representative - Charlie Eadie
  • Faculty Representative - Karen Holl
  • Faculty Representative - Daniel Press
  • Dean’s Representative and Dean of Arts - Susan Solt
  • Dean’s Representative and Dean of Engineering - Alexander Wolf
  • Staff Advisory Board Representative - Angela Steele, Fiona Weigant
  • Associate Vice Chancellor - Colleges, Housing & Educational Services - Sue Matthews
  • Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management - Michelle Whittingham

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees the planning process, including reviewing recommendations from the LRDP Planning Committee and ensuring fiscal accountability for expenditures related to the planning process.


  • Co-chairs of LRDP Committee
  • Chair of Academic Senate
  • Chair of Student Union Association
  • Chair of Graduate Student Association
  • Vice Chancellor Planning and Budget
  • Associate Chancellor

Community Advisory Group

  • Santa Cruz City Council (2 Councilmembers)
  • Santa Cruz City Manager’s Office (1 staff)
  • Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors (2 Supervisors)
  • Coalition for Limiting University Expansion (2 members)
  • Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce
  • Santa Cruz Neighbors
  • Monterey Bay Economic Partnership
  • Association Monterey Bay Area Governments
  • Rural Bonny Doon Association
  • “Community Representatives” from the LRDP Planning Committee (3 members)
  • Santa Cruz County Workforce Development Board (invited)
  • United Way Community Assessment Project
  • City of Watsonville
  • City of Scotts Valley (invited)
  • Community Action Board
  • County Office of Education (invited)

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